Im back with new songs!

Jim Bergman – Far too long

Jim Bergman – Dörren står på glänt

Norse Mist

Check out the updated page of Norse Mist. Listen to our latest tracks!

New collab with Perses!

Perses VS Jim Bergman – Victory

Best of Jim Bergman


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A new song is available for listening exclusive on my Reverbnation page!! The song is called “So much for the party”. Follow the link below:

Norse Mist on soundcloud

Listen to Norse Mist music on soundcloud! check it out!

Norse Mist

I have been working hard the last couple of months with a project called Norse Mist. It’s a coalition between Jim Bergman and Mikael Rhodin, making a co-op of movie music and gaming music! Check out our youtube page and subscribe for more upcoming songs.

We have released three songs so far, The favored warrior, The hourglass and Road to Valhalla. But more songs are coming. Stay tuned.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page, link on youtube page!

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StormCrow – Memento mori


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